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Cruzhacks 2020
  • The Transparency Project, a CruzHacks 2020 1st place project. Our goal being bringing clarity to the American political process through interactive data visualizations.
  • Built using primarily Flask, Plotly, and Dash, The Transparency Project was 1st place at CruzHacks 2020. I primarily worked on data collection, cleaning, and visualization.

  • Instantly generate common exploratory data plots without having to worry about cleaning your DataFrame.
  • Build with Python, Plotly, scikit-learn and available publicly on PyPi, the Python Package Index

  • DengAI from, where participants were challenged to predict the number of cases of Dengue Fever in two South American countries
  • Achieved a top 12% global score Facebook Prophet

Quick Model
  • Build with Tensorflow and Keras, this program returns a trained CNN to detect images of the object of your choice
  • Scrapes Google Images with Google CSE API, collects a sample of random images, then trains a convolutional neural network to recognize images of the given search term. Returns a .tf model.

Personal Website
  • You're looking at it! The first (and maybe last) of my web development endevours.
  • Built with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.