Computational Math, B.A.,
Minor Computer Science

University of California, Santa Cruz. Class of 2021


Undergraduate Researcher -- UCSC Genomics Institute
  • Researching depth in functional data
  • Writing numpy for distributed cloud architecture
Data Science Intern -- Blackthorn Therapeutics
  • Used statistical modeling to research the effects of isolation on depression and anxiety
  • Created a data engineering pipeline and interpretable models in Python (scikit-learn)
Data Science Intern -- Startup Genome
  • Wrote reusable Python data pipelines to collect data about how COVID-19 is effecting the global startup market
  • Leveraged analysis and visualization to create interactive dashboards
Vice President -- Data Science @ SC
  • Organized outreach events, presented on Machine Learning techniques
  • Created the UCSC Statistics Reading group
Student -- School 42 Piscine
  • Participated in the four week intensive C++ camp
  • Recreated parts of the C stdlib library from scratch
  • Participated in and held code review sessions


  • Python (scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Tensorflow, Plotly), Swift, Java, C, C++, Matlab
  • Statistical models, machine learning, deep learning, numerical optimization, numerical methods
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Git, Bash